About Us

TAPDA - Trichy Auto Parts Dealers’ Association

Trichy Auto Parts Dealers’ Association, fondly and shortly called TAPDA is another proud land mark of the town as much as the awesome jutting of the monolithic rock in the middle of the city around which it grew into profound center of culture, art, science and history of yore. Trichy is situated on the southern bank of the perennial and holy river Cauvery. Trichy is in the geologic center of Tamilnadu, connected by road, rail and air. The holistic town of Srirangam is on the northern bank of Cauvery from where Lord Renganatha in repose blesses the devotees with grace and splendor.

In 1977 when the automobile trade was taking giant strides, few of the dealers in Trichy cantonment area felt the necessity for creating a cohesive organization that would always keep the interest of the trading community and represent it in any forum at any time that may become necessary in their journey into prosperity. Trichy Auto Parts Dealers’ Association took shape with just 36 members and in a year traders from other areas of the town were also roped in to make it stronger and viable. TAPDA wrapped into its fold businessmen in the vast spectrum of automobile spares parts trade an also members from in and around Trichy joined the Association. Now the strength of the Association is its 220 members catering to a very broad canvass of vehicles.

In the year 1987, with a great effort from a few members enough funds was collected to build a community building of its own which was let out to the public till recently (2014) for marriages and other functions at a very reasonable rate. With the welfare of the staff members working with our dealer members in view a major discount was offered for marriages and other functions of their own off springs.

TAPDA does not confine itself into a narrow self-centered focus but interested in sharing whatever the gains may be with the society in which we live in. Knowing that ‘Giving is not what we have but what the other man wants” we started doing a lot of service to the society.

During the great flood in the river Cauvery, TAPDA stood in the forefront not only to give succor to the affected but also gave in cash and kind. We also have given two bus shelters to the commuters for shade during hot days.

When the sovereignty and security of our Nation was threatened at the Kargil sector by the aggressive Pakistan, our Association took part in our effort to help the Jawans in the front by donating a comely sum for the war efforts.

When nature took its aggressive and disastrous turn in Tsunami, our experience for the first time, our Association also rallied around to give relief to the affected people in the coastal areas by way of food, clothes and equipments. We also donated money to help the relief efforts.

We have created a corpus fund in memory of Mr. Arumugasamy, one of the founders of TAPDA and we give cash prizes for the students who pass in 10th and 12th public exams creditably in the District. We had rolling shields for the schools that breed top ranking students and we took pride in honoring the Teachers and Principals of such educational institutions. We also conduct competitions in Thirukkural and give prizes to the students in school level.

We allot a huge sum every year to give financial aid to the children of our staff right at the time of yearly opening of the schools.

Deluge Relief

During the fag end of year2015, the coastal areas of Bay of Bengal especially Chennai, Cuddalore and Podicherry areas were completely inundated by a devastating downpour from the skies for more than a week. It was a deluge of unexpected mammoth proportions. To add to the misery some weak dams cracked open to flood the entire city of Chennai leaving the rich to be poor and made the poor, poorer. Many were left starving without food for days living on the open terrace without food, water, medical aid or electricity.

To give whatever succor possible, TAPDA took one bold and risky step to reach out to the people living in dilapidated hutments in the coastal villages of Cuddalore . A team of TAPDA members with truck load of blankets, emergency medicines, raw materials for preparing food and other essentials went deep into these areas and distributed them to ever one. It was a euphoric moment of satisfaction to do service to the needy and one of the first kinds among the Associations.

We do blood donation camps every year and encourage not only our members to participate but also our staff and the public.

We organized Auto fairs in 2006, 2010 and 2014 which got the well-deserved appreciation from all the manufacturers, wholesale traders and everyone who participated in the Fair. From the monies we gained from the Fair we expanded the facilities in our community center and also made an Air conditioned room and named it after our patriarch Beeshma Pithamahar Late Shri S. Narayanan of Madras Auto service.

We are the founder members of Tamilnadu Auto Parts and Allied Industries Fedration, which serves the automobile fraternity of Tamilnadu, having City/Town automobile associations as members from all over Tamilnadu. Our members held senior positions in the Federation and continue to hold high positions and play a part in the success story of the Federation.